Why Grund®


The Grund® difference is the the quality of material used and the innovative and patented manufacturing process used in production.

High Quality Fibers Used: We purchase the highest quality of fibers on the market. Over 30 colors of dyed fibers are vertically integrated into the exact PMS color yarn used in the requested design. The benefits: a higher pile height creates a superior look and comfort vs. printed lower pile height bath mats. Plus, the color will not wash away, unlike printed mats, even after 100+ washes. Printed bath mats fade after a couple of washings. We have produced over 25 million mats in our 25 years. With our new machines, we can produce over 2.5 million Grund mats a year now.

Multi-layer Cutting Technology: The multi layer cutting technology creates an upscale, luxurious designer look and appeal. In addition, this multi layer cutting technology allows for flexibility of designs, pile heights, and greater output.

We offer three different types of yarn: Polyacrylic, Polyester, and Cotton

Polyarcylic, which is like wool, offers the best protection and durability. It has great absorption and lasts the longest of all the materials (even after 100+ washes). In addition, we spin the colored fibers from the beginning which allows for vibrant colors to look new even after 5+ years. Our Grund mats will not fade or discolor. In addition, our latex backing prevents mold and mildew and does not break down compared to other latex (foam rubber) backing which is normally mixed with chalk. Our competitors products look nice in the beginning. However, they break down very easily in the wash, are not anti bacterial, and can melt/disappear.

Polyester is a very popular material. It is a good material and looks nice for a few years. However, it does not absorb water as well as the polyacrylic and is a little more difficult to clean. It is similar to microfiber (which does not keep its shape/form very long). The thickness determines the microfiber. Ours is softer and thicker. Polyester is used in opening price point products. Normally, polyester is 30% less than polyacrylic

Cotton is a popular material in the US. There are several different quality levels of cotton. The cotton we use for our Grund mats is from India and is certified organic and is environmentally friendly. The material is reusable and no chemicals are allowed in the synthetic pigment used to dye the material. The pigment used is from a world known Dutch company called GOTS.

Specs Our Grund mats use the most stitches and more material. Our pile high is 18-22MM from the top of the latex bottom up (note: the Chinese measurement is from the bottom of the latex up. This increases the pile high up to 2mm). Our stitch density of our material is 45-50, vs a typical Walmart product is 30.

We have three different manufacturing process. Colortec machine (over 1 million pieces per year) is one of the faster machines in the world. Used for the polyacrylic, this process is computerized and can produce any design within 6 colors. Table Tufting (250,000 per year) is the old fashion way of producing mats. However, we can create unique shapes and larger sizes. Our new Cut Cut machine (1.2 million per year) is state of the art and the only machine in the world. It allows for a multi cut process in the same production run. The benefits of this process creates a high end look and feel.

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