Grund America is on a mission to inspire others to live clean and change the world. We believe what you wear on your body is just as important as what you put in your body. Now, we want to give back to others and help them on their journey.
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Our Approach

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Our products bear our family name and that is why quality is our absolute priority.
Social Responsibility
We feel socially responsible for our environment which is expressed through our chemical-free organic products and contributions to environmental projects.
We are a family business and our employees and customers are considered our extended family.
We make sure our products are compliant with the strictest environmental and social regulations.
I got the Puro rug in White to use and I am in love with how thick & soft it feels under my feet! This has more of an upscale feel and look, not like other brands I've purchased before.
Patrick D.
I love that when I step out of the shower it's so soft and the thickness makes me forget I have cold tile floors. Love that it's organic cotton too!
Karen A.
Non Skid Organic Cotton Rug Denim Blue
The plushness of these rugs... you can't beat it! The first time I touched one, I wanted to put my face on it, it was so soft. It's an item I crave to have in my updated bathroom because it looks gorgeous and feels so luxurious.
Rachel G.
I am impressed with how thick, heavy, and luxurious they feel. I ordered two of the large size, thus covering the length of the bathroom with beautiful organic cotton
Cameron H.
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Our company is celebrating its 27th anniversary this year. When I remember how we started the business in the garage of our family house, I can see my parents full of enthusiasm about the fact that they could control their lives again after the fall of communism. They worked from dawn to dusk and dreamt their dream about a better life. Soon, they infected me and my brother with their enthusiasm, and although we always worked hard we could never imagine the success that we achieved later. 27 years later our products from a small village situated in the foothills of the Giant Mountains are sold in the avenues and boulevards of European, Asian and U.S. towns and cities.

When I look back, I am very grateful to fate for the opportunity we were given as a family and a community. And I am also grateful to those around me that we seized this opportunity, and today we offer our customers the most innovative collection of organic bathroom rugs and towels in the market.

Jiri Grund, Jr.
Jiri Grund, Jr.

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